Goddess yoga retreat – Opito Bay

Goddess yoga retreat, Opito Bay

This retreat was facilitated by a passionate, knowledgeable duo

Sw Sankalpananda Saraswati (Wendy Vermeulen) and Xime Tamburo from Yoga Stop

It was an experience filled with intention, truth and play where we guided our guests to find answers inside rather than outside,  so they could listen and trust their intuitive soul.

We focused on getting out of our heads and into our hearts, working with tools to help us to connect to our intuition and our heart’s deepest desires.

As we became more aware of our habits and conditioning, the focus shifted to our uniqueness - to what really makes us who we are and why.

Our yoga sessions included yoga flows, yin yoga, yoga nidra and aerial yoga!

All of our Goddesses enjoyed a pampering session with aromatherapy products, followed by kriyas techniques and pranayama.

What an amazing weekend it was. We all left with a sense of space and clarity in our minds, fully connected with our hearts and spirits: with our truth, and completely re-energised!

Our meals were delicious and nutritious, thanks to Andrea from La Chimba Wholefoods, who made sure that all our meals were fresh and made with lots of love!

Retreats are a great way to take a bit of time for yourself to reconnect to what is, to what you really want and to create the life you are after. They are also a great opportunity to take some time off from your daily routine and commitments; to rest, re-charge and re-energise while the hosts take care of everything you need.

Life is busy for most of us and while we are constantly on the move, like a turbulent lake, the reflection of ourselves in that lake gets disturbed, while in stillness we can see clearer. We deserve to take some time for ourselves so we can live happier and give more to others!

It was relaxing, challenging, inspiring, and life changing, Michelle Rush

The teachers were incredible, you are both such inspirational and motivational. Rachael Wilson

The venue was outstanding, and the event was life changing, Congratulations on such a successful event, Robyn Beresford