About Yoga Stop

Yoga Stop. Why the name?

We need to Stop to be able to connect with ourselves, to who we really are or want to become. We need to stop to feel the sensation of the breath in our bodies, stop to notice the beauty that surrounds us. To stop for at least a minute to be able to see things clearer, as with clarity we can make the right choices.

We need to stop to connect to our uniqueness and with our purpose in life, we need to stop to give our loved ones the time they deserve. Our modern lives are lived in a way where we never stop. We are either in the future, planning and projecting, or in the past, re-living things in our thoughts. However, we are hardly ever in the now, so stopping is crucial to shaping our lives into what we want them to become.

About Me

Hi, my name is Xime, a proud working mama of two girls and wife to an amazing husband, who supported me in spreading my wings so I could fly towards my dreams.

Life is never calm. The housework drives me crazy and I’m always seeking to feel balanced amongst kids’ activities, drop off’s, pickups, cooking, never-ending washing, classes, meetings, workshops: these are a small part of my endless list of blessings.

Life has not always been easy….long story, but, I have to say, I have always lived it to the fullest! Made thousands of mistakes that I now know where all successes, as they all led me to where I am now!

I have always been interested in how we operate as people and I have a strong background in human behavior, and the relationship between the mind, body and spirit. I strongly believe that we have the power to create our own reality every day, and all the work I do is based on helping people move towards realising their unlimited potential. We have within our reach, all we need to make significant changes in our lives.

Yoga Stop is not just my business; it is my home and my family. I care deeply about what I do and really want to make a difference in everyone’s days, and hopefully lives. Each person in this world is unique and each of us has a special purpose. Mine is helping others to find and believe in theirs, as only through that purpose you can find fulfillment. I work on helping people to connect to their uniqueness, remove mental and emotional obstacles that prevent them from achieving the life they desire, and to be mindful of all aspects of who they are, as with that clarity they can respond rather than react.

I work a lot with intention setting, as I believe the power of intention is the first step to move you towards your deepest wishes and desires. Everything that happens in the universe begins with intention; an intention has the power to transform a dream into reality and that reality can be the one you want for yourself.

My passions are brain research, heart and brain coherence, quantum physics, spiritual growth, my family and friends, having a healthy life, and living it to the fullest!

In my sessions I will guide you to develop a deeper relationship with yourself; body/mind/breath and spirit. Yoga, as I teach it, is the UNION between all aspects of who you are; from observing your thoughts and emotions, to controlling your breath patterns and feeling your bodily sensations - they are all messengers of your state of being.


It is a pleasure to share my passion with you.


Namaste Xime

"You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop."


Create your reality every day

Phone: 022 087 2808

Email: xime@yogastop.co.nz