Control and create your life or live by chance

Control and create your life or live by chance

When it comes to how we choose to live our lives, there are two options. One is taking charge and control, and the other is living by chance and as victims of our environment.


To live as the victim is to live within the limited belief that everything in our outer world is happening to us and has a direct impact on us and our choices. That we have no control, things happen to us rather than we make things happen. We rest and stay stuck by reassuring and reiterating the stories we tell ourselves to justify our behaviour. Most of those stories however are real, but we tend to forget that we have choice and control in how we respond to what is happening around us. Instead we choose to stay stuck by reinforcing those stories and every excuse that can feed a story, so we don’t have to take charge and responsibility.


The thing is, it is easier to stay stuck, to live like victims and to give our power away. When things get done for us and to us, we tell ourselves ‘Oh well, nothing I can do, it is what it is’.

Living like this is giving away the power you have to create your life. It is giving the power to someone or something outside of you, allowing that external condition to control your life.


We all know things won’t always go our way and, that as we grow and change, our problems grow and change. We can’t control our outer world and our environment but what we can control is how we perceive them and how we respond to them. Examples of when we live like victims include having the limiting belief that we are destined to whatever life throws at us, that regardless of what we do, our life will unfold in a way which is fully out of our control. Another clear example is when we believe that our genes control us. If this was the case, then we are born victims of our genes. We can also feel disconnected from our lives and act like victims  when we aren’t in touch with our wishes and desires, when we don’t know what we want in life, so we live by chance, reacting to circumstances as they arise but without really creating anything.

To create your life means to be the originator of the feelings you want to create, regardless of the events., It means to always live with choice, where you can adapt to the environment according to what you want to create for yourself rather than letting the environment control you.

To start, listen to the stories you tell yourself. Listen to how you justify your state, a state you don’t want to live in, but are stuck in because you don’t take ownership of your life.

Your life has been given to you, and it’s yours, for you to create, shape and live, fully. Unstuck.


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